3K PAN IT Sevices

IT Help Desk Services & Monitoring Services

3K Data LLC utilizes leading software tools that allows us to discover all devices and users so they can be proactively monitored. Take service excellence up a notch which enables our help desk support staff to quickly and efficiently resolve support issues as the occur. We’ve pioneered a unique support workflow that focuses on rapid triage and first-call resolution. Our root-cause learning philosophy blindly scores many responses from hundreds of environments just like yours to enable us to solve problems right the first time.

IT Data Security Security

3K Data LLC Managed Security Solutions give your business peace of mind that you’re safe and secure.
In today’s threat-filled world, security is as critical to your organization as any other business function. 3K Data LLC is here to help you navigate the ever-changing security landscape. Managed Endpoint Security software handles communication with agents, collecting and storing application data. Can handle tens of thousands of clients while maintaining high-speed operation.


Managed IT Cloud Services

The cloud is everywhere today, and we are here to help. With the right cloud solution, you can enhance your organization’s productivity, lower your IT costs, and improve your IT service delivery. From design, selection, implementation, and support, our managed cloud and data center services allow you to leverage the cloud efficiently and give with Cloud Support that gives your business a competitive advantage.

Simplify Office 365 with 3K

Office 365 deployment is all about identity. IT needs to set up user accounts in Office 365 automatically. Users want one-click or one-tap sign on to Office 365 — without remembering another password. Your user identities and group memberships are already stored in Active Directory. The trick is to use those identities with Office 365 — without replicating your sensitive directory information to the cloud.