Being a business owners takes guts, takes courage, takes iron nerves. All business owner have the same problems, in different magnitude, but we do have problems, worries, and concerns, that is why we are owners, to a similar degree business managers are in the same boat. Now don’t take more stress than need to, call us we can help you.

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3K Data LLC is a full-service provider of IT solutions to SMB organizations in Texas. Our comprehensive range of industry expertise, strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors, dedication to delivering personalized service, and highly experienced, certified IT professionals make 3K uniquely qualified to be your partner for exclusive, high-value solutions that deliver real business impact, with world class IT.

3K Data LLC differentiate from the competition by focusing on your unique changes and goals, analyzing issues from every angle, developing high-value, strategic solutions that exceed expectations, accelerate growth, drive innovation and provides you with peace of mind.

3K Data LLC - IT Solutions for Growing business

Your computer system and entire network is an integral part of your daily life. We use and depend upon computers for most of our important tasks, we won’t be wrong to say that our work lives center around these machines. Without them, we feel isolated and disconnected from the world. If something ever happens to your computer, then you feel like your entire world has gone down! It is not even about the machine itself, users are always worried about the unbacked-up data on the computers. Luckily for you, we have got you covered in this time of misfortune!

3K DATA LLC offers premium IT support services for both home and business users within the city of San Antonio, Texas. If you have been facing some sort of problem with your PC, then rest assured because we provide complete PC repair and maintenance services that will get your PC back in working order. Our standard computer tests contain a variety of diagnostic tasks designed to effectively detect the cause of the problems that you are facing. These include Hard disk, RAM and other memory and software tests.

Our team consists of highly trained and expert professionals who have a sound knowledge of working with computers and hardware. These professionals are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient solution possible with the given budget and time constraints. They are very flexible in regards to their work philosophy and give the client’s input top priority.

We also offer services in order to help local business move forward with a stable IT infrastructure. We know that your systems and networks are critical to the operation of your business. Therefore, we provide instant backup and maintenance services in a quick and efficient manner. Our expert professionals will ensure that all the problems related to your IT infrastructure are solved as efficiently as possible so that you may keep focusing on your work.

If you want IT services suited to a corporate environment and well fitted to your budget, then be sure to contact us. We will complete all the necessary computer and hardware related tasks so that you do not have to compromise on your precious time.